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Posted on 24th Apr at 8:51 AM, with 2 notes
norotautou asked: You're my new hero

Haha, thanks! That’s awesome! :D

Posted on 24th Apr at 8:50 AM, with 1 note
Anonymous asked: I'm not very religious, but bless your soul. You are such a person the world needs right now. Your inspiration is more than astounding. I hope to do the same thing as you one day.

Thanks, that’s extremely kind of you. Just be yourself and your voice will speak. :)

Posted on 24th Apr at 8:50 AM
shadow-siren-vivian asked: you're wonderful, i couldn't agree with you more on the limitations of mens clothing and i've felt that way for a while now. keep being great!

Thanks for the kind words! xoxox

Posted on 24th Apr at 8:49 AM
Anonymous asked: My inspiration now not to give a fuck what everyone thinks and do/wear what makes me happy. You worked that outfit just sayin

Thanks! Keep being awesome!

Posted on 24th Apr at 8:48 AM
Anonymous asked: really dude? i don't have a problem with you wearing colorful clothes in public but you're just another day- trend on one subreddit. writing an essay about it is really overdramatic and kind of presents yourself as pretentious and attention- hungry.

I personally have never experienced anything like this before. I felt the best way to address this was not to sit in the dark about it but to give the photo the context I wanted to give it. I didn’t feel my response was dramatic but you can’t please everyone. Peace, Love & Understanding xoxoxox

Posted on 24th Apr at 8:43 AM, with 1 note
kingtub asked: You should post lots of yer art and shit and random outfit updates

I actually have an art tumblr. It’s been linked to this tumblr forever but I’ll post it here artofdamiano.tumblr.com it’s NSFW a lot of the time, BTW. I will post more of my outfits too!

Posted on 24th Apr at 8:41 AM
paleskinblackheart asked: You go glen coco, that outfit is fab. I'm very jealous of the leggings you're rocking.

Thanks! I love them too! xoxox

Posted on 24th Apr at 8:41 AM
princesssodapopper asked: dang your wardrobe looks rockin and I love the colours and everything! I've always been a little afraid to wear a lot of the clothes I buy, but man you give me some inspiration. Oh also I hope you continue to strive and further your art studies! I'm glad this popularity has affected you positively ♥

Thanks a lot!! You should wear them! You’re practically half way there with purchasing them. I bet you’ll look rad as hell! 

Posted on 24th Apr at 8:39 AM, with 1 note
xpizzakingx asked: I WANNA BE JUST LIKE YOU

Thanks! But strive to be as much as yourself as humanly possible!

Posted on 24th Apr at 8:39 AM, with 1 note
Anonymous asked: I love your beard and clothes and you you are awesome like wow idol you're so cool 😝

Haha thanks! xoxox

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